The Kroll VRC Race Series is the national Hong Kong Ocean Racing Series comprising of the premier surfski and outrigger races around Hong Kong.

The KROLL VRC Race Series is made up of 8 events during the year. The top 5 race results of each paddler will count toward the competitor's series points. A cash prize will be given for each category at the final event . In 2023 the cash prize was 2,000 HKD

These events will also contribute to the selection criteria for The Hong Kong Dragon Run International Race.

With this series we hope to:


Congratulations to all paddlers, place-getters and winners of the KROLL VRC Race Series 2023.


Stanley Express 

(Stanley - Cap D'Ag - St Stephen's)

Saturday, 17th Feb 2024

Stairways to Heaven

(CWB - Steep Island - Shek O)

Saturday, 16th Mar 2024

The Waterfall

(Round Island - Cyberport - VRC)

Saturday, 13th Apr 2024

Welcome to the South

(Round Island - Castle Rock - VRC)

Saturday, 11th May 2024

It's Coming Home

(Around Sharp Island in Sai Kung)

Saturday, 1st Jun 2024

Battle in the Bay

(VRC - Murray House - VRC)

Saturday, 7th Sep 2024

El Dragoncito

(CWB - Nine Pins - Shek O)

Saturday, 28th Sep 2024

El Clasico

(Shek O - Kissing Whales - VRC)

Saturday, 16th Nov 2024

VRC Race Series Points and Category

A competitor's series points will be the total of their best 5 race points. The female and male paddler with the most points at the end of the series will be the KROLL VRC Race Series Champion of their category. 

The categories are: Surfski, OC1, Double Surfski and OC2. There will be male and female sub-categories for Surfski and OC1 only. Each category must have at least 3 competitors on each race to make that category eligible. While each competitor needs 5 eligible races to qualify for the prize winner.

The points will be the following

In case of draw, the race results in Emerald Bay - It's Coming Home will be final. If this race will not resolve the tie, the prize money will be shared between them.

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